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Our intrepid team of pussy lovers have been tirelessly travelling the cities, villages and hamlets of Europe, in the quest to bring you some of the sexiest & sluttiest girls this continent's got to offer!

It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it! Check out some of the girls we've met on our travels:

Edina From Norway
We met Edina eating raw herring in a fisherman's bar in Hammerfest, northern Norway.... they really don't get much entertainment up there, so she had no problem putting on a hardcore show for us with the barman... turns out she loves seamen as much as her fish!
Krystina From Slovenia
Krystina's a stripper in a club in Krvavec, Slovenia... when asked her if we could film her, she called over one of the 'regular' customers, pulled out his cock & sucked for all she was worth... she then proceeded to bounce up & down on him like a Cadillac with shot suspension!
Petrina From Holland
Petrina waits tables in a restaurant in Rotterdam and I've got to tell you she's a crappy waitress, but she seemed so keen on wiping up the soup she spilled on my lap, I knew she'd be one dirty slut.... check out this clip of her taking it hard up the ass & see what I mean!
Elin From Sweden
We met Elin in Sundsvall, near the Gulf of Bothnia... Elin told us, "Absolutely fuck-all happens here, so we're always on the lookout for a good hard fuck!" - we were happy to whip out the cameras while Elin and her best friend gave us a demonstration with 2 guys we were travelling with!
Edina From Norway
Edina enjoyed her first appearence at the bar so much that she called us & asked if she could give us a repeat performance at her house.... we supplied the guy who was more than willing to pound her shaved pussy & splatter cream all over her pretty face!
Gretchen From Germany
Our time in saucy Hamburg didn't produce much in the way of top tottie, so we had to settle for Gretchen... hairy armpits, a bizarre strawberry fetish and a slight whiff of bratwurst, but she goes like a locomotive and could suck a golf ball through a garden hose!
Edita From Bosnia
They have a somewhat different outlook to sexual activity in the workplace in Bosnia.... Edita assures us that being bent over the Xerox machine and having your ass pounded is nothing short of commonplace... I'm applying for a work visa!
Charmaine From France
Charmaine's a student in Montpellier during the week & an amateur euro pornstar at the weekends.... "It's fun and it pays for my education", she tells us... she certainly does seem to enjoy the hard, rough fucking she gets in this clip... hear her moan!
Klarysa From The Ukraine
Klarysa's a typical Ukranian 19 year old... blonde, blue eyes and a perfect little body. We asked her & her boyfriend to just do what they love most.... strangely that involved the entire contents of their refrigerator and some bizzare insertions! Mind you, with a face like that, who could complain!
Lucia From Italy
Unbelievably, Lucia used to be a novice Nun, sworn to a life of abstinence... that all changed one day when she found herself deep throating the gardener after a glass too much of the communion wine... "the devil made me do it", she tells us.... thank god for that!
Johanna From Sweden
When we met Johanna, we were all convinced she was strictly a muff diver, but she assured us she was as much a cock loving slut as the next girl.... we tested her out, and sure enough she seemed extremely happy having all of her wet & willing orifices filled by a good hard cock!
Kasia From Poland
Kasia was very keen to be filmed by us, but as she was returning to Bydgoszcz the next day (and your guess is as good as mine as to where that is), she took us out to the restroom and showed us what an anal slut she was!
Prioska From Hungary
Prioska told us she just couldn't get enough cock! We decided to put that to the test & set her up with two hugely hung guys who proceeded to DP her with no warning! I've got to hand it to her, she took everything they threw at her and still wanted to suck-off the camera crew! My kind of girl!

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